Tiles Rack Small Lemons – Cornice Piccola Limoni

wrought iron tiles rack cornici portalettere in ferro battutowrought iron tiles rack cornici portalettere in ferro battuto


 Handmade Wrought Iron frame, Small tiles with Yellow Lemons.
 Cornice in Ferro Battuto, mattonelle Piccole con Limoni Gialli.


Handmade Wrought Iron frame that can hold tiles with your name or your house number. All the ceramic tiles are hand painted, one by one, and are made in Italy by one of the best ceramic factory in Vietri.

The Frames are painted with "Powder Couting" process, this type of painting is finalized to give metal element a considerable resistance to environment corrosion.

Just pick a total amount of the tiles that compose your name/number to get your price, the frame will include the two decorated endings tiles.

The style of the Tiles in this item is the following:

  • Tiles Size - Small
  • Letters and Borders color - Dark Blue
  • Decoration - Green leaves & Yellow Lemons

The Size of the item depends on how many letters are in the frame, just pick the number of the letters that compose your name from the pick list and go on "Additional Information" to find out the exact size.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 22 cm


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