Marble & Granit Top

On most of our items (Bakers Rack, Bar, Kitchel Islands, Tables etc.), you can have Marble or Granit Top!

Here you can find some samples of the kind of Granit & Marble that you can choose on your piece of funtinure..


Marble and Granit are natural rocks, for this reason we can not guarantee exact match to the pictures that will be presented in this page, because very often the hue and texture may vary slightly, as well as the prevalence of one color over another in a marble or granite composed of more colors.

For products such as Kitchen Islands or Tables, we recommend Granite, granit is more resistant than marble on absorbing liquids, which often could damage these delicate surfaces. We recommend, however, in both cases, to pay attention to the liquid products that can be accidentally poured on these delicate surfaces.

If you accidentally pour liquids on these surfaces, we recommend to dry them immediately to prevent such products from entering into the rock staining it, in some cases, forever. will not recognize any warranty on tops damaged by liquid stains.


Marble Verde Guatemala

Marble Bianco Carrara


Granit Nero Africa

Granit Labrador GT

Granit Rosa Beta

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