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Handed down from father to son for three generations, the art of wrought iron is that which deals with our family.

All our wrought iron products are modeled on fire and painted by hand. The design, the attention to detail and love with which they are made, reflect with pride our "MADE IN ITALY".

For over 50 years our achievements furnish the homes around the world. The choice of design passes from classical forms, the most modern lines. Each item is itself 'unique, thanks to the craftsmanship, keeps those little imperfections that characterize its authenticity.

We also have the ability to create and customize all our products, from small objects to wrought iron furniture, fulfilling your requests.

Our history

Grandpa Mario

It all started with him ... Grandpa Mario, born back in January 27, 1913.

At that time, in a small basement, Grandfather Mario started the production of wrought iron objects, handmade and modeled in the fire. He taught this art to his sons, raising them, and supporting them alone after the early death of their mother. Someone special, from the soul noble and immeasurable heart, left in all of us important lessons of life.

The January 27, 2017, Me Susy D'Auria, who took charge of this activity ... and randomness of this date and was for me a source of great pride. From Grandfather Mario to Luigi "my father", this activity continues to give us great satisfaction thanks to the emotional bound of our big family.


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